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Spin the Image wheel to match Image with the words, with friendly animal cartoons to make learning fun.

- Animal association from combination of images, words, sounds, and spelling.
- Voice pronunciation of animal names
- Spelling of animal (star - animation)
- Sounds of animal
- Each level gets progressively hard as more animals are adding to the spin wheel to be matched.

PRIZE AWARD: After completing each level, your kids can go to the Prize Zone area to play and interact with their prizes. The more levels they complete, the more prizes they will unlock.

TO PARENTS: Adjust the desired skill level you want your child to learn and practice at. As your child completes each level, the game progressively gets more challenging and engaging.

This learning tool is design to grow with your child as his/her skills improve through fun exercises that promotes a passion for learning.

**** Suitable for kids ages 2 and Older. ****

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