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Ace Math Land - Animals Episode Series HD

150 Image Puzzles to Unlock, Discover, and Solve.


- 5 Themed Episodes with 150 Levels to solve.

- Each level is ranked with High Score and Star Rating

- Each level gets progressively more challenging


Drag the wooden game pieces to the correct green equation slot. As the game is played, each correct answer reveals small parts of a hidden secret picture. Once solved, the whole secret picture is revealed, different per level.


1) Math Operation Types: Addition, Subtraction, and/or Multiplication

2) Difficulty Levels: Easy, Normal, or Hard


The power of app is the ability to adjust to the child's learning age and ability and to focus in on the appropriate lessons. Adjust the desired skill level you want your child to learn and practice at. As your child completes each level, the game progressively gets more challenging and engaging.

This learning tool is design to grow with your child as his/her skills improve through fun exercises that promotes a passion for learning.

Designed by Parents and Educators to make it fun as well as educational.

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