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** Contains 312 Dolch Common and Noun Sight Words List - Pronunciation of the word AND Audio Spelling of words

Note to Parents:
Change the word level suitable for your child's skill level. Recommend to focus in on one level and then progressively move up as your child recognize and learn how to spell the sight words for that level.

A sight word is a word that taught to be recognized without sounding it out. Based on the Dolch sight word list, as known as high frequency words. By knowing these words, your child will be better prepare and successful when starting to learn to read.

Flash Card Levels (# of words per level) :
- Pre-Primer (40 words)
- Primer (52 words)
- 1st Grade (41 words)
- 2nd Grade (46 words)
- 3rd Grade (41 words)
- Nouns (92 words)

Key Features:
- Large text for easy reading
- Large arrow for navigation - design to be easy and usable by kids
- Vibrant background and element colors
- Audio Pronunciation of each Sight Word (touch the "Say Bee")
- Audio Spelling of each Sight Word (touch the "Spell Bee")
- Jumping Star Animation for Spelling to Better Teach Spelling
- Settings to change to focus in on one or all levels (listed above) - separate list for each level
- Tracks progress on the words in each levels
- Fun and interactive animations / background to make learning engaging.

** Suitable for ages 3 and older

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