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ABC Phonics Word Families Games


Kids learn to read early by using Word Families (as known as Analogy Phonics) by finding commonality (i.e. short a sounds or long e sounds) among a set of words - Educators use these word families to teach early readers to see and hear the patterns of these words. Featuring over 635+ VOCABULARY WORDS, reinforced through fun interactive games.


1. WORD FAMILIES - Review the words in each of their respective word families. This reinforces the commonality with the word's sound, spelling, and constructs.

2. FLASHCARDS - SEE the spelling, HEAR the audio, and LEARN the word.

3. DRAG & SPELL - HEAR the audio, then SPELL the word. Teaches fine motor skills to DRAG the letter into the right spot to teach spelling of the words.

4. UNSCRAMBLE - Test reinforced learning to see if your child comprehend the lessons from the top three modules.

5. PRIZE AWARD - Encourages and rewards your child and makes learning fun. After completing each level in the Unscramble, your kids can go to the Prizeland to play and with the prizes. The more levels they complete, the more prizes they will unlock.

5 POWER SETTINGS - Please adjust Accordingly:

1. Voice Audio Speech

2. Letter Hints during game

3. Unscramble Hints for beginner readers

4. Spell in Proper Order

5. Feedback Sound Effects


- 5 Reinforce Learning Modules

- Easy to Read in Fun, Bold Block Letters.

- Professionally recorded audio for clear pronunciation.

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