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Great learning tool that focus in on alphabet phonics, phonetics, spelling, reading, and word comprehension.

Please adjust the game to fit your child's skill
level in the setting area. Use this as a teaching
tool that makes learning the alphabet fun.

The word spellings, letters, sounds, and images in this game reinforces associative learning which aid in early brain development in young kids and help your child get a head start in reading.

The flash cards are organized using the proven traditional flash cards layout and is combined with the following interactive elements:
1) Audio spelling of the words along with "Jumping Stars" animation synchronized with the voice.
2) Pronunciations of the full word - Touch the "Spelling" bird
3) Animal Sounds (i.e. dog barks) - Touch the animal
3) Phonetic sounds of each letter of the word - Touch the letter
4) Letter recognition along with the sound
5) Rhythmic preschool music synchronized with the animations
6) Swipe the screen to move forward or backwards

Along with the animal flash cards, there are 3 additional games to supplement and provide positive reinforcements:
1) Animal Match Game - supplemental to the flash cards and focus on your child comprehension skills. Recommended to play this game after your child plays with the flash cards and is familiar with it.
2) Prize Zone Game - interactive game where the prizes are unlocked after completing a level in the Animal Match Game.
3) Letter Balloon Pop Game - focus on alphabet letters and sound recognition.

- Teaches your child to recognize the images of the animals and to match it up with the correct words.
-Recommended that your child is familiar with the Animal flash cards prior to playing this game. Use this as a supplemental tool to reinforce learning comprehension from the flash cards.
- After each level, the child unlocks a secret prize to play with. This positive reinforcement makes learning fun for you child and develop a passion for learning.

- Collection of prizes that is unlocked when successfully completing a level playing the "Animal Match" game
- Touch the screen and the prize animal will follow and interact with your child.
- The prize animal will make the sounds to reinforced sound to image association.

- Learn to recognize letter and matching with the letter audio
- Interactive balloon animation makes learning fun

** Suitable for kids 2 years and older

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