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Original work by our 8 years old son Lucas. He wrote it as a holiday project, and we decided to share it through an iPhone app. The audio is by his mom, Samantha.

Reinforce Learning the Alphabet through Fun Nursery Rhymes focusing on a cheery Christmas Holiday Spirit Theme.


  1. Each alphabet letter (A-Z) has a nursery rhymes to making learning fun and memorable.
  2. Audio Pronunciation of letter of the alphabet and each word in the sentences (touch the snowman or the words in the sentence).
  3. Pre-Recorded Voice is from a North American Speaking Professional - nursery rhymes is read in fun and animated voice tone.
  4. Audio supplements and aids in the learning process so knowing how to read is not required.
  5. Large text for easy reading.
  6. Large arrow for navigation - easy design for kids / toddlers.
  7. In flash card format, so easy to use and learn from.
  8. Vibrant background and element colors / graphics.
  9. Fun and interactive animations / background to make learning engaging.

** Suitable for ages 2 and older

Enjoy and please spread the holiday spirits!

Screen Shots