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ABC Big Alphabet Letters Tracing  

ABC Big Alphabet Letters Tracing

Free Version | Paid Version

Learning Tracing with Large Alphabet Letters by easily connecting the dots.

Created by a group of early writing teachers to teach kids proper letter writing skills, based on the national standard of printing (Zaner-Bloser Style) taught in schools, and enforced with proper stroke mechanics validation, directional as well as within acceptable bounds. Designed to be used in a classroom setting with teachers or at home with parents.

App is design to be adjustable to any kids learning age level. Change the settings to your child's progress.


  1. Connect the dots option
  2. Adjustable difficulty helps your child stay within the tracing lines
  3. Direction Arrows show the order and direction of tracing
  4. "Show me" option shows your child the proper tracing method
  5. Clapping audio praise after each letter is properly traced
  6. Letter stroke guidance animations
  7. Change the pen colors


  1. EASY: For beginners that starting to write but needs guidance with the proper stroke mechanics
  2. HARD: For more advance writers - intended to improve penmanship
  3. NONE: Free-Hand mode - no validation and intended for early learners


  1. Designed to be used by the kids alone or with parents in an interactive session
  2. Audio for every number, word, and animal sound
  3. Bright and Colorful Visual
  4. Professionally recorded audio for clear pronunciation

Screen Shots

ABC Big Alphabet Letter Tracing - Multicolor

ABC Big Alphabet Letter Tracing - Pen Colors

ABC Big Alphabet Letter Tracing - Hard Settings

ABC Big Alphabet Letter Tracing - Scroll Select

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