Animals Counting Games

Teaches toddler and young kids VISUALLY and VOCALLY how to COUNT with fun animated animals with words and sounds.


  1. Listen to the audio to count the animals
  2. Count the animals that animate in counting order
  3. Tap the right answer to hear the animal natural sound


  1. Reading not required since the game is audio driven. Each question is spoken.
  2. Synchronized animations to simulate natural counting habits.
  3. Hear the animals name as well as their natural sound. For instance, for the frog, the voice will say "FROG" followed by the sound "ribbett ribbett...". This develops early recognition of animals images to their names and to their sounds.
  4. Over 50+ different animals and sounds to keep your child entertained while they learn.
  5. Progressively gets more challenging (higher numbers to count) as the child successfully completes every level.

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